Thursday, January 29, 2009

SOOOO many thanks!

We are so sorry about the lack of updates. Everyone needs to know that Wendi is doing wonderfully. She has nearly made a full recovery and all her tests show her as being perfectly healthy.

We are so grateful for the amazing friends we have and for the miracle we've witnessed in Wendi's recovery. We truly believe that things would have turned out very different if it weren't for the priesthood and your fasting and prayers.

Wendi wants to see all of you so much, particularly the preschool kids. She knows how children are and that they need to see her to know she's okay. Right now, though, she is very tired and very weak. She is also still trying to work through some emotions. As you can imagine, sometimes it's all very surreal and a little scary. She talks all the time about teaching preschool again, and that will come with time. But she needs a lot of rest and some time to recover fully. Wendi is talking well, and up and moving about from time to time, so she seems like she's all better, but if you do come to see her, please try to keep your visit short. It really is draining on her. And don't worry, it will not take very long before she can extend those visits.

Again, she wants you to know how thankful she is for you. She loves you all so much and all our hearts are edified by your spirits.
~The Hansen Family

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