Thursday, January 29, 2009

To my WONDERFUL, SMART Preschoolers!

Hi! I have missed you so much! I want you to know that I am so proud of you. You have been so patient. Your letters, notes and pictures are amazing and always make me smile and lots of times - just laugh! They are beautiful. Thank you for doing that for me.
I am feeling much better. I can't wait to see and hug each of you.
Preschool will begin very soon. I am following my Doctors directions so when they tell me I am ready to teach I will because my heart is READY NOW!

I love you!
Ms. Wendi

Hi, this is Wendi!

May I first say........thank you Richard, Brae, Brandon, Biege, Shalynn, Bergan & Bozton for your amazing strength. You guys were and are my hero's!

Everyone in my family, neighborhood, Ward etc.
I am overwhelmed by all of your kindness and generosity.
I am very grateful for all that you have done in behalf of my family. We have needed all of you so much and you were there, no questions asked. I feel such love and support ---- I feel so hopeful and positive about this life and its importance. I am so grateful for the Priesthood, for faith and prayer and for the knowledge that Heavenly Father knows me individually and has been with me through this experience.

This experience has made me think deeply about my life and actions, and how important it is for me to slow down and be still and listen to the Spirit. I acknowledge Heavenly Fathers hand in my life and know without a doubt how important we all are to Him and I believe he is so pleased with us when he sees us help each other. You guys are amazing to me, you are truly selfless.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I will never be able to tell you that enough!
All my love,

SOOOO many thanks!

We are so sorry about the lack of updates. Everyone needs to know that Wendi is doing wonderfully. She has nearly made a full recovery and all her tests show her as being perfectly healthy.

We are so grateful for the amazing friends we have and for the miracle we've witnessed in Wendi's recovery. We truly believe that things would have turned out very different if it weren't for the priesthood and your fasting and prayers.

Wendi wants to see all of you so much, particularly the preschool kids. She knows how children are and that they need to see her to know she's okay. Right now, though, she is very tired and very weak. She is also still trying to work through some emotions. As you can imagine, sometimes it's all very surreal and a little scary. She talks all the time about teaching preschool again, and that will come with time. But she needs a lot of rest and some time to recover fully. Wendi is talking well, and up and moving about from time to time, so she seems like she's all better, but if you do come to see her, please try to keep your visit short. It really is draining on her. And don't worry, it will not take very long before she can extend those visits.

Again, she wants you to know how thankful she is for you. She loves you all so much and all our hearts are edified by your spirits.
~The Hansen Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wendi is Home!!!

We have been given a few more numbers for those who are helping with the fund raiser. If you would like to purchase a CO detector for the fund raiser, you can call any of the following people and they can get them to you wherever you are.

Jeff and Elaine 801-282-8355
Jimmy and Chris 801-280-3219
Dave Abplanalp 801-280-8175
Gerald Holt 801-282-1842

Just a quick entry to update everyone. Updates have been few and far between since Wendi showed so much improvement, mainly because we have been spending time with her, but we and you to know that she is doing very well. She was released from the hospital last night and is now home recovering and resting. She is of course very tired, but she loves being home. Her heart tests etc on Monday came back normal, which is a miracle!

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers. We cannot express our gratitude. With the help of so many we are at times overwhelmed with all the love we feel. Thank you all so much.

Monday, January 26, 2009

CO Detectors

These are photos of the CO detectors for the fund raiser. We welcome everyone to purchase as many as you need to keep your family safe. These are good quality detectors with a digital readout of the highest CO level reached. They are battery powered, so placement can be at eye level and easy to read. Recommended placement instructions are included in the package.


Thank you everyone for all your prayers and willingness to help our family! Wendi is doing so well, and they'll probably let her go home today, where she'll need to get plenty of rest to help her get her strength back so she can get back into her regular daily schedule.

Many people have asked us how to participate in the fundraiser that is set up in Wendi and Richard's neighborhood when they don't live very close by. Please call the numbers provided on the first blog about the fundraiser. You will reach Dave Abplenalp, who set the fundraiser up, or Gerald Holt, who is greatly involved as well. They are taking orders for the detectors, and can figure out how to get one to you. From what I understand, each detector is only 25 dollars, and they're the nice digital kind. If you would like to donate more than just the 25, just let them know. All money will be deposited into the Wells Fargo fund under Richard and Wendi Hansen.

Thank you again for all the support and help you all have given our family. We are so blessed to have you as friends and neighbors and family!
~The Hansen Family

Sunday, January 25, 2009

01/25/09, 10:30pm

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Wendi is continuing to improve and has been moved out of intensive care for the night. She is staying the night so she can complete some blood tests etc in the morning. It seems like she will be coming home to rest tomorrow, and that is what the nurses are saying. She is eating now. Not a lot, but its solid food! She loves it. It is pretty hard to go 6 days with no food. Wendi is cheerful and happy. She is glad to be alive and can't wait to get back to the things she loves.

We know that your prayers, as well as ours, have been answered this past week. The whole family is very blessed to be with us still and so very blessed to have so much support. Thank you all so much.

We have heard that there are many who would like to participate with the fund raiser and purchase CO detectors for your homes. We will verify how this will be done and post to the blog how you can participate.

Thank you,
The Hansen Family

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel, and a fund raiser

Hello everyone! We are so sorry that we haven't done more updates today, as we know that you are all reading and anticipating news on our sweet Miss Wendi.

The truth of the matter is, we are a little bit at a loss for how to tell you, once again, that she's just doing better and better! It's true- Wendi looks better every hour and is talking now, though her voice is a bit hoarse still. She is very positive, and quite the jokester. She is very concerned about preschool and can't wait until she is completely recovered and has the energy to return to teaching. She wants all the preschoolers to know she loves them and misses them, and everyone else to know that she is grateful for your prayers, and thoughts, and she is incredibly touched by your affectionate cards and comments. Wendi has been able to read nearly all of the posts we've made on this blog, and all your comments as well.

We still think she will be in the hospital for another night or two. She is progressing very quickly, but time will tell when she's ready to be at home. We appreciate greatly all of your offers for meals and help.

Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home! There is a wonderful fundraiser going on in Wendi's neighborhood. A local store has donated carbon monoxide detectors for a discounted price and all the money made from selling them will be added to the Wells Fargo account set up for Richard and Wendi. Please make sure that you have a detector in every bedroom, and on every level. For inquiries into this fund raiser, call:
Dave Abplanalp 801-280-8175
Gerald Holt 801-282-1842
Other donations can still be deposited at Wells Fargo under Richard and Wendi Hansen.

For now, there will probably be fewer posts each day, since the better she gets, the less there is to report. This might be disappointing, but it's also so great!

Once again, we are so thankful for the concern you have shown for our family. Each and every one of you have been a blessing in our lives.
~The Hansen Family

01/24/09, 4:00pm

We have been so blessed the past few days! Wendi is doing very well today. She is pretty weak from being in bed for five days, but she is getting stronger. The doctors have allowed her to have ice and water and she is quite pleased with them for that. She will hopefully progress to more solid foods within a few days but for now she is working on liquids. She is still very cheerful and so happy to be with family and to hear about friends. She has been resting most of the day, but when she is not, she is talking as much as we will let her. You know Wendi :)

Richard, Bergan and Bozton are still doing fine. We are all still praying for Wendi and are grateful for the prayers and concerns of friends. Thanks for your comments and support. Wendi is able to read from the blog and the comments that have been left. She is happy to have so many loved ones. We love you.

The Hansen Family

01/24/09, 9:00am

Good morning to all of you. We are so glad you have been here for us and we are grateful for your support and love. Wendi is doing well this morning. Her voice is getting stronger and she is really excited to get ice chips (when they finally let her have them). The speech therapist will be in to see her this morning to determine whether she is swallowing correctly. When they have determined that foods and liquids will go to her stomach rather than her lungs, she will be able to eat and drink. She has a few specific food requests and the way she talks about food makes us hungry. She even teases the nurses about bringing her food. Bribing doesn't work apparently :)

We will continue to update you on her status. We aren't sure when they will release her, but we know she needs to be stronger and eating well before she is allowed to go home. She is still in the ICU so visits are limited to family, but we appreciate your help and Wendi has been touched by your cards, your love and your concern.

The Hansen Family

Friday, January 23, 2009

01/23/09, 5:00pm

Wendi is continually getting stronger! She is tired of course, from all the treatments and from talking to family, but she is feeling much more comfortable and is still very cheerful. She says thank you over and over and tells us that she feels so loved and supported. What she needs most now is rest. The nurses tell us her lungs are still recovering and they will continue to monitor her status. She is happy. The reason she has bounced back from her critical condition is most likely her positive attitude and her active lifestyle. Wendi takes care of her body and exercises daily. She is an example to all of us. We also know that without your prayers and support and the blessings of our Heavenly Father, Wendi could not have recovered as she has.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

The Hansen Family

01/23/09, 11:40am

We have some very good news!!! Wendi has the ventilator tube out and is awake! She is reacting and talking as much as she can. She knows where she is and what happened and has lots of family with her. She is smiling and has a sense of humor, so we are quite relieved and happy. One of her main concerns was all her preschool children. She wants to know if they are okay and she wants them to know she is doing well and loves them. She asked even asked for chap stick and a fan, which means she is definitely herself.

Thank you so much for your prayers and sacrifices in her behalf. We know the Lord has watched over her and many prayers have been answered. We will continue to update you on her condition.

The Hansen Family
We have been informed that a friend of the family has set up a fund in the name of Wendi and Richard Hansen at Wells Fargo Bank. We appreciate the love and support you have shown. Thank you for checking our blog and expressing your concern.

01/23/09, 10:00am

Good morning! Wendi is doing pretty well this morning. She is moving around and communicating as well as she can without talking. The nurses are telling us that the tube should be out today. We hope it's soon and so does Wendi. She seems most concerned with what happened and how everyone else is doing.

Visitors are at this time being limited to family and only two of us at a time. We know that many of you are anxious to give cards and your love to Wendi, so we will have a family member available to collect cards and see people from 3 to 3:30 this afternoon in the 4th floor waiting room (Intermountain Medical Center, Patient Tower) No Flowers or food are allowed near the patients.

If there are any specific questions or concerns, please comment on the blog. We are reading all of your comments and will respond to questions. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

The Hansen Family

Thursday, January 22, 2009

01/22/09, 7:00pm

Wendi has been moved from her room in the Shock Trauma Unit to another ICU in the hospital. We have been letting her rest quite a bit this afternoon and we are hopeful her tube can be removed tomorrow. She is in and out of consciousness, switching between sleep and trying to figure out what is happening around her. We are telling her of your love and informing her of what happened. She seems to want to talk quite a bit, and she wants the tube removed. You all know Wendi, she want to communicate! We will know more about how she is doing in the morning, when she will be more awake and alert.

Thank you for your prayers. We have been greatly blessed.
The Hansen Family

01/22/09, 4:15pm

We just want to update you all on what is happeneing and how Wendi is doing. We have been visiting her room often and Richard has been by her side all day. She has been off all sedatives and pain medications since about 5 this morning, and is still working to wake up completely. She periodically opens her eyes and looks around at family. They have been pretty strict about who can visit and how many of us can be in the room at once (which Wendi has questioned us about in her own special way). She wants us all to be around her and we are taking turns visiting. She is still pretty sleepy and isn't able to talk because of the tube assisting her with breathing, but we are hoping she will be awake soon.

The nurses are running some tests currently and they will be moving her from the Shock Trauma Unit to a regular hospital room to make room for more critical patients, which seems to be a good sign.

We are grateful for all of your prayers and continue to be blessed with comfort and strength. We are grateful for the power of the Priesthood and the blessing of the Gospel.

We love you all.
The Hansen Family

1/22/2009 11:44am

Biege and Richard have been visiting Wendi for the last hour or so. She is still on the ventilator and so she is still trying to wake up from all the sedation.

Biege has sent us a text (we are all waiting in the waiting room 'cause she can only have 2 visitors at a time right now) and he said that Wendi opened her eyes and they told her she was in the hospital and she got a confused look on her face and put her palms up and mouthed the word 'why?'- she can't talk because of the ventilator in her throat.

Another small, but significant step, friends! Wendi is getting better all the time.

Biege here: I have just come back to the waiting room and wanted to let everyone know that Wendi is doing very well. The doctor has said that when she will wake up and when she will get the ventilator out depends on her. - and it seems like she wants the process to be quick. We have been asking her yes/no questions to help wake her, and we have been explaining the situation so that she does not feel lost. We have told her of all your prayers and support and I am sure she feels everyone's love. She is sitting up more, at her request, so that she can see what is going on better. She is still sedated, but they have cut off the medicine and she is slowly coming out.

I also want to let everyone know that Richard, Bergan and Bozton are up and about, doing well and feeling good. Everyone is calm and simple waiting to hear from doctors and of course Wendi. She is in great hands (the best CO poisoning specialist in the country from what we have been told) and we have the best medical technology available to us.

Thanks to all of you,
The Hansen Family

The whole story, clearing up misconceptions

We just want to tell what happened from first person point of view, just in case there are any inconsistencies in the story that you may have heard. All the news stations that have covered the story were told the exact same story, however, we have learned that some people still have the wrong idea. Some of the news media has it wrong too.

On Tuesday, Brae was at Wendi and Richard's home taking her daughter to preschool. All the other preschool children and moms started to show up as well. Usually Miss Wendi turns on a green light when it is time for preschool to start- about 9:00. About 10 minutes after 9, everyone was pretty worried. In Wendi's more than a decade of teaching preschool out of her home, nothing like this had ever happened. Brae decided to call them. She called on the house phone, and both her parent's cell phones with no answer. Bergan's car was outside, so Brae figured she was home and called her cell. When Bergan answered, Brae told her to go find out what was going on with Wendi, as preschool should have been about to start.

Bergan went to check on her parents and a minute or two later came running out to Brae's car. She said that she couldn't wake Wendi up, and that Richard was awake, but wouldn't get out of bed. Brae got out of the car, leaving Bergan with her kids, and ran inside. She found Wendi, looking much like she was just asleep, and Richard was not able to focus his eyes, moaning softly and couldn't get up. He was beahaving much like he had had a stroke. That's when Brae called 911.

In the meantime Bergan woke Bozton up. He had a headache and was very dizzy.

The firemen and paramedics arrived within 3 minutes and got Richard, Wendi, Bergan and Bozton into the ambulances and on oxygen. From there, Richard, Bergan and Bozton rapidly recovered, but Wendi is taking longer- as you all know and have read about her updates.

It is very important also that we address the cause of all this. As a family, we don't really know what rumors are actually going around, we have just been informed by people who have been here with us and DO know the cause, that what they've heard is untrue. The truth of the matter is that there was simply a crack in the boiler which is where the carbon monoxide leaked from.

Wendi is doing much much better and the rest of the family is great! We feel very calm and we are happy and enjoying each other's company while we reminisce about Wendi and our good times. It will not be long before we have her back to make more memories with.

Thank you again for all your prayers and willingness to help. Please continue your prayers. She still has much recovery to do.

~The Hansen Family

1/22/2009 8:56am

Wendi is still progressing and continually doing better. Last night her ventilator was at 80 percent, and this morning it's at 40 percent. This means she is 60 percent in charge of her own breathing. They are planning to continue weening her off of the tube today.

When we got to go see her earlier, she was responding to commands to wiggle her toes, to open her eyes and to squeeze the doctor's hand. We are allowed to talk to her now, and when we do, she responds. She tries to sit up when she hears us, and tries to spit out the ventilator. She still isn't focusing with her eyes or looking at anything directly because she is still heavily medicated. It's wearing off though, and to my knowledge, they aren't giving her anything else to keep her sedated.

We thank you so much for your prayers and your thoughts. Surely they are being answered!

We will continue to update on Wendi's condition throughout the day, every time we are able to find something new out ourselves.

Thank you
The Hansen Family