Thursday, January 22, 2009

The whole story, clearing up misconceptions

We just want to tell what happened from first person point of view, just in case there are any inconsistencies in the story that you may have heard. All the news stations that have covered the story were told the exact same story, however, we have learned that some people still have the wrong idea. Some of the news media has it wrong too.

On Tuesday, Brae was at Wendi and Richard's home taking her daughter to preschool. All the other preschool children and moms started to show up as well. Usually Miss Wendi turns on a green light when it is time for preschool to start- about 9:00. About 10 minutes after 9, everyone was pretty worried. In Wendi's more than a decade of teaching preschool out of her home, nothing like this had ever happened. Brae decided to call them. She called on the house phone, and both her parent's cell phones with no answer. Bergan's car was outside, so Brae figured she was home and called her cell. When Bergan answered, Brae told her to go find out what was going on with Wendi, as preschool should have been about to start.

Bergan went to check on her parents and a minute or two later came running out to Brae's car. She said that she couldn't wake Wendi up, and that Richard was awake, but wouldn't get out of bed. Brae got out of the car, leaving Bergan with her kids, and ran inside. She found Wendi, looking much like she was just asleep, and Richard was not able to focus his eyes, moaning softly and couldn't get up. He was beahaving much like he had had a stroke. That's when Brae called 911.

In the meantime Bergan woke Bozton up. He had a headache and was very dizzy.

The firemen and paramedics arrived within 3 minutes and got Richard, Wendi, Bergan and Bozton into the ambulances and on oxygen. From there, Richard, Bergan and Bozton rapidly recovered, but Wendi is taking longer- as you all know and have read about her updates.

It is very important also that we address the cause of all this. As a family, we don't really know what rumors are actually going around, we have just been informed by people who have been here with us and DO know the cause, that what they've heard is untrue. The truth of the matter is that there was simply a crack in the boiler which is where the carbon monoxide leaked from.

Wendi is doing much much better and the rest of the family is great! We feel very calm and we are happy and enjoying each other's company while we reminisce about Wendi and our good times. It will not be long before we have her back to make more memories with.

Thank you again for all your prayers and willingness to help. Please continue your prayers. She still has much recovery to do.

~The Hansen Family

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