Friday, January 23, 2009

01/23/09, 5:00pm

Wendi is continually getting stronger! She is tired of course, from all the treatments and from talking to family, but she is feeling much more comfortable and is still very cheerful. She says thank you over and over and tells us that she feels so loved and supported. What she needs most now is rest. The nurses tell us her lungs are still recovering and they will continue to monitor her status. She is happy. The reason she has bounced back from her critical condition is most likely her positive attitude and her active lifestyle. Wendi takes care of her body and exercises daily. She is an example to all of us. We also know that without your prayers and support and the blessings of our Heavenly Father, Wendi could not have recovered as she has.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

The Hansen Family


  1. I'm so glad to hear the great news. The past few days watching this has been so surreal. Like a nightmare you can't wake up from but a fairytale ending has emerged to make it turn out the way it is suppose too. I was so worried about all of you. Heavenly father has his hands on our lives that is for sure. Wendi when you finally read this I hope you know how strong your kids were. Brae was so brave and handled thing exactly like you would have. She took the maternal role and took care of the family. Biege used his priesthood valiantly and took on the patriarch of the family, keeping
    everyone in tact. Bergan took care of Richard and bozzy. It was like watching you through their actions. We were all so worried and are so glad your doing well. We knew you would be because over the years we have become strong by watching you be strong. We knew you would make it back to all of us. Prayers and fasting and so many people who love you will always be grateful for your recovery. We love you so much and will always be grateful that we have you in our lives! Be well my friend. So much love and gratefullness are in our hearts for all of you and that you are all ok.
    Love, steph, brent , kaleb and lukas.

  2. Our family would like to thank you for doing this blog and letting us know How Miss Wendi is doing. There is not a day they do'nt check the up date. God Bless Your Family. With love from The Duncan's

  3. I am so Glad she is doing better! Tell her I said Hi.

    ~ Megan Bell