Saturday, January 24, 2009

01/24/09, 9:00am

Good morning to all of you. We are so glad you have been here for us and we are grateful for your support and love. Wendi is doing well this morning. Her voice is getting stronger and she is really excited to get ice chips (when they finally let her have them). The speech therapist will be in to see her this morning to determine whether she is swallowing correctly. When they have determined that foods and liquids will go to her stomach rather than her lungs, she will be able to eat and drink. She has a few specific food requests and the way she talks about food makes us hungry. She even teases the nurses about bringing her food. Bribing doesn't work apparently :)

We will continue to update you on her status. We aren't sure when they will release her, but we know she needs to be stronger and eating well before she is allowed to go home. She is still in the ICU so visits are limited to family, but we appreciate your help and Wendi has been touched by your cards, your love and your concern.

The Hansen Family


  1. Her extended family is so grateful for your updates. It is so hard to be out of the loop when there is a disaster like this. Thank you so much for the blog. We are hopeful for a complete recovery for Wendi. She is very special to many people. Give her our love. Sheli

  2. Hi Wendi,
    I have been watching the updates daily and keeping you in my prayers. I am so glad you are on the mend. You are a special lady and you are needed and very much missed back home and in the neighborhood and in the Stake.
    Much love, Sister Sampson, Stake RS

  3. Food, glorious food!
    What is there more handsome?
    Gulped, swallowed or chewed,
    Still worth a king's ransom.
    What is it we dream about?
    What brings on a sigh?
    Piled peahes and cream,
    About six feet high!

    Lyrics from Oliver's "Food, Glorious Food"

    The "Wendi diet" will be over soon.
    All our love,

    Dennis & Cathy

  4. Entire Hansen Family-

    Thank you for the updates. If you need any thing please ask.

    Love Natalie and Corbin Crane

  5. You guys are 'awesome'! - Thanks for this blog thing. - It's great. - Wendi will be fine. - Prayer! - Fasting! - Priesthood! - Are you kidding me? - How can she NOT be okay? - - Thank you for your faith in Heavenly Father and for your example to us all.

    love ya


  6. Thank you for doing this blog to keep us all updated. What a clever idea.

    Wendi-you are in our thoughts and prayers. The way our ward family has pulled together for you is awe inspiring. It makes me feel more connected in knowing we are all here for each other. You are so blessed to have so many loved ones.

    Hope to see you out of the hospital soon.

    With love Tania and Paul Allen