Sunday, January 25, 2009

01/25/09, 10:30pm

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Wendi is continuing to improve and has been moved out of intensive care for the night. She is staying the night so she can complete some blood tests etc in the morning. It seems like she will be coming home to rest tomorrow, and that is what the nurses are saying. She is eating now. Not a lot, but its solid food! She loves it. It is pretty hard to go 6 days with no food. Wendi is cheerful and happy. She is glad to be alive and can't wait to get back to the things she loves.

We know that your prayers, as well as ours, have been answered this past week. The whole family is very blessed to be with us still and so very blessed to have so much support. Thank you all so much.

We have heard that there are many who would like to participate with the fund raiser and purchase CO detectors for your homes. We will verify how this will be done and post to the blog how you can participate.

Thank you,
The Hansen Family


  1. Great news! Glad you will finally get to be home with all of your family. Remember to call if there is anything you need. I love you and hope we can make it out to see you soon.
    Barbi and Clark

  2. Yeah!!! What exciting news! I bet you are so excited to get home into your own bed Wendi! What a strength you have been-it's amazing what Heavenly Father can do when we put our faith in Him. We are so glad he still needs you here! We love you and are so glad you are going well.
    Love, Kacie

  3. Wendi, my heart is soaring!!! Our family has a great love for you and all you do. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you continue to recover and regain your strength.

    Brandon says (or sings, rather), "Skid-a-ma-rink-a-dink-dink, skid-a-ma-rink-a-doo, I...Love...You!!!" He is excited to see you again when preschool starts up again.

    Much Love and Prayers,
    Liz Jensen and Brandon