Saturday, January 24, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel, and a fund raiser

Hello everyone! We are so sorry that we haven't done more updates today, as we know that you are all reading and anticipating news on our sweet Miss Wendi.

The truth of the matter is, we are a little bit at a loss for how to tell you, once again, that she's just doing better and better! It's true- Wendi looks better every hour and is talking now, though her voice is a bit hoarse still. She is very positive, and quite the jokester. She is very concerned about preschool and can't wait until she is completely recovered and has the energy to return to teaching. She wants all the preschoolers to know she loves them and misses them, and everyone else to know that she is grateful for your prayers, and thoughts, and she is incredibly touched by your affectionate cards and comments. Wendi has been able to read nearly all of the posts we've made on this blog, and all your comments as well.

We still think she will be in the hospital for another night or two. She is progressing very quickly, but time will tell when she's ready to be at home. We appreciate greatly all of your offers for meals and help.

Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home! There is a wonderful fundraiser going on in Wendi's neighborhood. A local store has donated carbon monoxide detectors for a discounted price and all the money made from selling them will be added to the Wells Fargo account set up for Richard and Wendi. Please make sure that you have a detector in every bedroom, and on every level. For inquiries into this fund raiser, call:
Dave Abplanalp 801-280-8175
Gerald Holt 801-282-1842
Other donations can still be deposited at Wells Fargo under Richard and Wendi Hansen.

For now, there will probably be fewer posts each day, since the better she gets, the less there is to report. This might be disappointing, but it's also so great!

Once again, we are so thankful for the concern you have shown for our family. Each and every one of you have been a blessing in our lives.
~The Hansen Family


  1. Thank you so much for the blog and updates – more than comforting at two in the morning when concerns prevented sleep. To read the progression, loving thoughts and prayers of others meant more than can be described.

    Our Love and Smiles,

    Dennis & Cathy

  2. From Grandmother to Amma. You go girl. And whatever I can do I will do. Princess Jasmine and Jack the Pumkin King can't wait until you can play.


  3. Dear Wendi and Family, We are so happy to hear that you are all doing well and especially happy to hear that Wendi is doing well and in such good spirits. We continue to pray for you and your recovery. From Karen, I still remember the pickle. Thanks Wendi for your courageous spirit and for the insperation it has brought to all of us.
    Cavett and Karen Eaton
    Rachel, Kevin and Zackery West

  4. Dear Hansen Family,

    We, like so many others, just want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for the continuing good news about Wendi and hope that things go well for all of you in the coming days.

    Love, Garry and Mindy Garff Family

  5. "Ms. Wendi I love you and want you to be safe forever"
    (then he said he wanted to sing you a song and started singing) "rink-a-dink-a-dink I love you"

    We are so pleased to read all of the posts of your continued improvement! We send our love every night & blow kisses to you.
    Take care,
    the Dean's

  6. For those of us who do not live near you. Is there a way we can participate in the fund raiser? Can we purchase carbon monoxide detectors and pick them up later. What kind of detectors ( kind,model)
    are they. Anyway we are interested and have many friends who are. We are so happy and relieved everyone is doing so much better. It was definitely nice to hear Wendi's voice. She sounded like an angel.
    Lots of Love
    Dave Connie and kids

  7. Oh, Wendi, we are so happy you are doing so much better. It is such a blessing not only to your family, but to all of us who love you. Our prayers continue... Love, Roy and Patti

  8. the detectors are the nice ones with the digital display. Everyone should get one. It brings peace of mind and hopefully you will never have to use it.

  9. It is Sunday Evening.
    Nearly 2000 hits within 5 days.
    What kind of impact can 1 person have?

    The ripple in the pond seems to be wide.

    Feeling greatful tonight to be among the ripples.

    Our love: Glenn